Georganne Chapin on White Plains Community TV

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Georganne Chapin on White Plains Community TV Georganne Chapin of Intact America is interviewed by John Bailey, Host of "People to be Heard". Broadcast on White Plains Community TV, White Plains, NY, 18 March 2016..


And he my son looked at me and he said "mom, you know, I never thanked you and dad, for not letting them circumcise me, but I want to thank you", and at that moment my whole awareness changed, because I had always thought of circumcision as something that was a brief, painful and unnecessary, but brief thing that was done to a baby. I thought it was unnecessary and I didn't think it was the right thing to do, but at that moment I realized it had lifelong implications, that here was my 18-year-old son saying that he was very grateful to have the body he was born with, and it changed my entire outlook.
Georganne Chapin

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