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Hans Christian Schmidt, 2016

Hans Christian Schmidt (born 25 August 1953 in Nustrup [now: Vojens Kommune], Denmark) is a Danish teacher and parliament member for the Venstre party (the Danish Liberal Party) since 1994. He was Minister of Transport, Minister of Food and Minister for the Environment in the Danish government.

On 18 May 2021 he voted in favor of the citizens proposal initiated by Intact Denmark.

Today, I have voted in favor of a ban on ritual circumcision of children. The proposal thus states that an age limit of 18 years be introduced. Then the individual must decide for himself later - as an adult. I think that is the right way to do it. Many arguments were put forward both for and against. For me, consideration for the child has been crucial. It is about children's rights and the interests of the individual child. Unfortunately, there was no majority in favor of the proposal. It makes me sad.
– Hans Christian Schmidt[1]

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