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La Leche League International (LLLI) is an international non-governmental organization that advocates and promotes breastfeeding of infants. LLLI was organized in 1956, in Franklin Park, IL by a group of seven mothers who wanted to provide breastfeeding help and support to interested women. It now has a presence in numerous nations.

LLLI selects mothers who have breastfed for at least one year to be "Leaders", who help other mothers with breastfeeding issues.

LLLI believes it should not "mix causes". Therefore, although it has abundant information on the issues created by the pain and trauma of circumcision with breastfeeding initiation, it confines availability of that information to its Leaders.

Mothers who intend to breastfeed may seek support from LLLI with regard to the various issues that occur during breastfeeding.


Some of the confidential information possessed by LLLI regarding circumcision has leaked and may be viewed in this section.

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