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Mohammad Jacques, RN[a 1], is a retired intensive care nurse; health and medical educator, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.[1]


Jacques is a member of the alleged medical organisation Circumcision Academy of Australia, driven by circumfetishist Brian J. Morris. Jacques signed an "International Statement on Circumcision 2014" by that organisation that has now been removed from the web, but the list of consignees has been conserved on the German[1] and on the French intactivists forum "Stop Circoncision".[2]

The main statement of that now missing statement was:

For maximum benefits, safety, convenience and cost savings, the circumcision should be performed in infancy and with local anesthesia. The ethics of parental decision-making and legal consent for IMC and childhood vaccination are comparable.
Brian J. Morris, Circumcision Academy of Australia[2]

IntactiWiki comment

Of course, legal consent of parents for vaccinating their child is not comparable to the impossibility of parental consent to the amputation of healthy parts of the child's body without any medical indication. Furthermore, "benefits" and "cost savings" must never be legal arguments for non-medical amputations on minors.

It's also very embarrassing that as recently as 2022, Mr. Morris had to list a nurse who had retired in 2014 as a member of his creepy academy.

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