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OII International meaning Organization Intersex International – OII – is a decentralized global network of intersex organizations.

OII has affiliates in twenty countries, on six continents, speaking ten languages including Mandarin, Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Arabic.

OII was founded in 2003 by and for intersex people, by Intersex American Curtis Hinkle, with a mission to attain human rights for intersex infants, children, and adults, particularly the right to bodily integrity and self-determination.

OII rejects the medicalized labels of disorder, such as Disorders of Sex Development (or DSD) — which was imposed on intersex people in 2006 by the medical community to describe intersex people — because it is stigmatizing and facilitates nonconsensual medical and psychiatric practices. We also reject the recent inclusion of intersex variations, under the language of DSD, in the American Psychiatric Association’s statistical manual, the DSM-V.

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