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Ari Libsker (Hebrew: ארי ליבסקר‎, born 1972 in Haifa, Israel) is a journalist and film-maker from Tel Aviv, Israel, who spoke at the WWDOGA 2016 in Cologne. He classifies himself as politically far left.

He has made several documentaries. His film Stalags (2008) featured in The New York Times and won several awards.[1] One of his most famous works is the documentation Circumcision (Israel, 2004, 19 minutes). It deals with the influence of male circumcision to the sexual life. First, channel 2 (Israel) wanted to censor the work, but aired it later in the night program.

Circumcision has been shown on the film evening after the beim Filmabend nach dem WWDOGA 2016 in Cologne.

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