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Flag of Israel

According to Scripture, God intended to give the land of Canaan to Israel.[1]

The nation of Israel was reborn in Canaan in 1948 as foretold by the prophet Ezekial in Ezekial 37.[2] It was to be a home for the Jewish people.

Hebrew, the long dead language of the Jews, was revived and is the official language, although English is also widely spoken. Arabic is a secondary language.

The population of Israel is nearly 10,000,000. Jews constitute 73 percent, Muslims constitute 18 percent and the balance is of various other faiths. Of the Jews, 49 percent self-identify as secular.

Circumcision in Israel

The Israeli Ambulatory Paediatric Association (2012) said "that direct oral-genital suction, known as metzitzah b’peh, should not be performed during Jewish ritual circumcision."[3]

The Times of Israel (2014) reported Jewish actress Alicia Silverstone is "among those Jews advocating against circumcision."[4]

The Times of Israel (2014) reported that the High Court overturned a Rabbinical Court decision that would have forced a woman to have a boy circumcised. The High Court stated that the Rabbinical Court "lacked the jurisdiction to force the procedure."[5]

Avraham Burg, writing in Haaretz (2014), asked, "Is this the generation that rejects circumcision?"[6]

The Forward (2018) reported that circumcision rates are slipping as more secular parents favor "intactness".[7]

Haaretz (2019) reported that Jewish men from Russia who were circumcised in Israel now regret their decision to be circumcised.[8] Remennick (2021) reported lingering trauma among former Soviet Jews who were circumcised in Israel ad who now regret their decision for both aesthetic and sexual reasons.[9]

The Jerusalem Post (2020) reported:

A three-weeks-old baby is currently in serious condition at the Bnei Zion Medical Center in Haifa due to a herpetic infection, which began in the genital area and has spread to the brain, leading to convulsions and seizures.

Laboratory tests found that the infant likely contracted the Type 1 herpes virus during his brit, directly from the mohel, who performed the ceremony using the controversial Orthodox method of blood cleaning known as "Metzitzah B'Peh," or oral suction.

Director of Pediatrics at Bnei Zion Medical Center, Prof. Itzhak Sarugo, said that "the baby was hospitalized in serious condition, with a visible inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) accompanied by prolonged convulsions and a severe skin infection that started in the groin area where the circumcision was performed."[10]

Judaism and Islam require circumcision, however not all Jews and Muslims actually follow the teachings of their religion. Haaretz (2021) reported that many Israeli parents are not circumcising their sons.[11]

The Jerusalem Post (2022) reported "A baby was rushed to the hospital in northern Israel on Monday after his circumcision went wrong, with his genitals being almost completely amputated during a brit mila - a Jewish ritual circumcision, Israeli media reported. The mohel was late found to be uncertified and did not undergo required training.[12]

The Jerusalem Post (2023) has expressed some concern about loss of sexual sensation after loss of the foreskin by circumcision.[13]

The percentage of males circumcised in Israel (prevalence) is reported to be 91.7%.[14]

The Jerusalem Post (2024) reports, "Only seven medical circumcisions had been performed since April 2023, according to data presented to the Knesset."[15]

Ritual circumcision and urinary tract infection in Israel

Several medical articles have reported urinary tract infection (UTI) in Israel after ritual circumcision.[16][17][18][19]

Prais et al. (2009) reported that a boy is 2.8 times more likely to get a UTI when circumcised by a mohel as compared to when circumcised by a physician.[18]

The urethra of girls is shorter than that of boys, so it is normal for girls to have more urinary tract infections than boys. Marild & Jodal (1998), working in Sweden, reported an incidence of UTI in girls of 6.6% in the first six years of life, while boys had an incidence of 1.8%.[20] However, in Israel, with respect to Jewish boys, the situation is reversed with more UTI in boys as compared with girls. Toker et al. (2010) reported an incidence of UTI in Jewish boys of 24.7% as compared to girls with 8.4%.[19]

Circumcision death

Intactivist groups

There are several intactivist groups that oppose the the practice of non-therapeutic circumcision.


Alon Sivroni vs. circumcision

Israeli mother promotes keeping boys intact

Alon Sivroni protests against Genital Mutilation in Israel

Just The Tip: Cutting Through The Taboo Of Opposing Circumcision

Alon Sivroni Banned From Tel Aviv Pride Parade For Opposing Circumcision

Mantor Restorer

The Mantor Restorer, a foreskin restoration device, is manufactured in Israel.

Censorship in Israel

Discussion of the practice of circumcision is likely to be censored. Alon Sivroni was banned from the Tel Aviv Pride Parade for opposing circumcision. This is likely to occur when many men are in denial of loss to circumcision.

Homosexuality in Israel

Yoni Leviatan (2015) claims "Israel is the gayest country on earth."[21] Tel Aviv, which may be the most circumcised city, also calls itself "the most gay friendly city in the world.[22]

(Numerous researchers have reported observing an association of homosexuality with male circumcision.)

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