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Regret men are formerly intact men who, as an adolescent or adult, voluntarily elected to submit to adult circumcision.

Regret men usually had thoughtful and loving parents who actively protected the legal and human rights of their son to physical integrity and the enjoyment of a whole and complete intact penis with a functional foreskin. Such parents properly reserve the decision regarding circumcision for the boy to make for himself.

Reasons for circumcision

Most intact males are very content with their status, however a few are not and choose the circumcision option.

1. Regret men may have been reared in a society where most men are circumcised and they chose to follow the perceived norm.

2. Other regret men may have been persuaded by an ignorant and selfish girlfriend or ex-girlfriend to get circumcised.

3. Others may have consulted a rapacious urologist for a minor medical condition who recommended the most expensive procedure ( circumcision), instead of conservative foreskin-conserving treatment.[1]

Reasons for regret

After their adult circumcision, regret men commonly complain of the discomfort of an exposed glans penis, dryness, and of extreme loss of sexual sensation after the excision of the nerve-laden, protective foreskin, which has been known to be erogenous tissue for decades,[2] and come to regret their decision to be circumcised.

Options for treatment of lost foreskin

The options for treatment are few. Surgical foreskin restoration has been tried but is no longer recommended. Men, seeking to undo the unfortunate results of their circumcision, may opt for non-surgical foreskin restoration, which uses tissue expansion to elongate the residual shaft skin to form a new foreskin. It is claimed that it restores about 80 percent of the lost sensation.

Watson & Golden (2017) recommend that circumcised men "embrace the anguish and try to feel it as strongly as they can." They also recommend non-surgical foreskin restoration "since it empowers the patient."[3]

Other regret men are awaiting the hoped for success of Foregen to regenerate a missing foreskin as a salamander regenerates its lost tail, however this is not yet a proven procedure.

Other classes of regret men

Other classes of regret men include the regret dad, the male regret doctor who regrets the circumcisions he formerly performed, and cut (circumcised) dads with intact sons.

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