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Regret dad is a term used by men who have become father to at least one boy and had him circumcised, but now regret having done it to him.

In some countries (esp. in the USA) and cultures (mainly among Jews and Muslims), expectant parents are sometimes urged by their own parents or relatives to have their son circumcised. Even doctors and religious leaders and communities encourage or press them to agree to the circumcision of the son.

Starting position for fathers

Many (expectant) fathers in these countries and cultures are genitally mutilated themselves and may not have reflected what has been done to them. So they often easily agree, using trivializing arguments. We will collect stories of Regret dads, too. In general, it can be assumed that most men in the US who see themselves as intactivists were themselves circumcised and not only regret this, but no longer harm their sons.

Stories of regret dads

Various regret dads in relevant Facebook groups have been invited to reveal themselves here and to talk about the circumstances of both the circumcision and realization that this was a mistake. Some of them will even tell about the hospitals, doctors, mohels, relatives and others who urged them to have their boy circumcised.

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