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Eldad Stobezki 2019

Eldad Stobezki is an Israeli-born son of parents who fled Nazi Germany, but found his home in Germany as an adult through the love of his life partner (now husband).[1]

Stobezki is linguist[2], author, translator and Intactivist.


At the conference on the 10th anniversary of the "Cologne circumcision court judgment", "Genital autonomy and child protection", he gave a lecture at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.[1]

The longer I thought about circumcision, the more I felt a rejection of my religion. Today I know that injustice was done to me and it continues to happen undisturbed I cannot excuse or forgive this mutilation. When I speak out clearly about it, I notice how my Jewish dialogue partners cringe inwardly. This is the state of affairs.
– Eldad Stobezki

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