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  • ...upposed to experience an appreciation through the integration of the term "medical", the "traditional" in [[TMC]] means that this is definitely the worse meth
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  • ...upposed to experience an appreciation through the integration of the term "medical", the "traditional" in [[TMC]] means that this is definitely the worse meth
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  • ...This term has been used by Myers & [[Brian D. Earp|Earp]] in their recent medical and ethical analysis "What is the best age to circumcise?"<ref name="MyersE |title=What is the best age to circumcise? A medical and ethical analysis
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  • ...circumcise boys, but have come to the conclusion that there is usually no medical indication.
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  • ...Birth Rights: A Mother’s Wisdom Triumphs Over the Harmful Practices of Her Medical Profession"<ref> ...ncy and long-term care. Some patients need a quick fix, and some need long-term help exploring their illness and finding the best treatment. Urology is a f
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  • ...edical services and procedures by a third-party, usually public or private medical or health insurance company or government program. Third-party payment for non-therapeutic or unnecessary medical procedures encourages the performance of such services, simply so the atten
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  • ...ision for HIV prevention in Kisumu Kenya, study of wound healing following medical circumcision of HIV +ve and HIV-ve adult males in Kisumu; safety and accept He currently serves as technical lead for [[CDC]]/[[PEPFAR]] supported Medical Male circumcision program in Kenya; providing technical and programmatic gu
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  • ...eople do reclaim "intersex" as part of their identity, most regard it as a medical condition, or just a unique physical state. Most intersex people identify a ...x conditions are also known as "disorders of sex development" (DSD) in the medical community.
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  • * California Medical Association (CMA) * San Francisco Medical Society
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  • ...ity. He is a Director of Surgery, Education and Research for International Medical Group (IMG). IMG is a conglomerate comprised of a hospital, a health Insura ...terest in curriculum development, evaluation and assessment for quality of Medical education. He sits on several education and health service advisory committ
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  • ...t, but rather all things circumcision, including circ-fetish, sexual info, medical info and a place to meet up with fellow circumcision enthusiasts and propon ...the term is an insult to their person as an ''ad hominem'' attack. Is the term ''circumfetishist'' in fact an insult?
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  • The term ''Collective Cognitive Dissonance'' was created by [[Ulf Dunkel]] in the Ge The term was defined in 1957 by the American social psychologist Leon Festinger. His
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  • [[Category:Medical term]]
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  • ...rformed by a specialized ritual circumciser in a non-medical setting, or a medical practitioner at a hospital or clinic. In some cultures, only the protruding ...sewed to the shaft skin. The scar is located closer to the body, hence the term "high".
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  • Some Historical American Female Circumcision medical papers: ...ocieties (mostly in Africa) and some Islamic communities. Secondly it is a medical intervention, justified by Victorian (and, in the USA, some twentieth centu
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  • ...critical of these claims, and failing to confront the ethical problems and medical complications associated with circumcision. ...her parents can ethically change their child's genitalia.<ref>Price (Bull. Medical Ethics).</ref>
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  • A '''Posthitis''' is the medical term for an inflammation of the [[foreskin|prepuce]] of the [[penis]].<ref name=
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  • launched, because the medical community has never investigated the long-term adverse physical, sexual, emotional or psychological consequences of infant
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  • ...gious or cultural ritual motifs played a role, while others had so-called 'medical' reasons. Some of us face every day with a body that was mutilated after th ...done in a medical emergency case, and therefore is beyond any doubt to its medical indication sublime. To pull wisdom teeth is e.g. used to protect the other
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  • The term '''Circumcision advocate''' describes a person who vehemently advocates and ...round the world agree that [[circumcision]] in children almost never has a medical indication. Nevertheless, it is significant that the circumcision advocates
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