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Dekeratinization is the name given to the process by which previously keratinized tissue loses its protective coating of keratin.

Dekeratinization typically occurs on the surface of the glans penis of a circumcised male after foreskin restoration is effected. The layer of keratin typically will slough off of the glans penis. Some men report that a thin layer of keratin similar to onion skin peeled off of their glans penis.

Dekeratization seems to occur naturally after the glans penis is recovered by a restored foreskin that protects the glans penis physically from friction and other irritation while maintaining a moist, oily environment for the glans penis by transudation. Anecdotal evidence suggests that dekeratinization occurs gradually over a period of several years.

Dekeratization usually results in an increase in sensation in the previously keratinized tissue.

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