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Spock in 1976

The late Dr. Benjamin McLane Spock, M.D.[a 1], (2 May 1903 – 15 March 1998) was the most famous and prominent twentieth century American pediatrician.

Dr. Spock wrote numerous books and articles on child care in his lifetime. Many have been updated by other authors and are still available. His classic, Baby and Child Care, is now in its tenth edition.[1]

Views on child circumcision

Spock initially favored child circumcision, but when the American Academy of Pediatrics, a medical trade association, said circumcision had no medical indication,[2] he started to change his view. His studies on psychology of children also helped him to reach that decision. Spock revised the Fourth Edition of Baby and Child Care (1976) to his anti-circumcision view.[1]



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