Christians Against Circumcision ~ Jesus Was an Intactivist

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Christians Against Circumcision ~ Jesus Was an Intactivist is an intactivists community on Facebook.

They state:

Jesus was an intactivist who spoke out against circumcision.

"Watch out for those wicked men – dangerous dogs, I call them – who say you should be circumcised. Beware of the evil doers. Beware of the mutilation." ~Phil 3:2

Jesus, as well as other spiritual leaders and prophets like Buddha, Gandhi, the Dali Lama, all the Siek prophets, Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith, and more, all spoke out against circumcision, stating collectively that the body is a temple, and advised us to protect it and keep it whole.

Jesus says circumcision is not "useful"

An Egyptian farmer discovered a sealed jar near the city of Nag Hammadi in upper Egypt in 1945. The jar contained several texts written in the Coptic language. Among them was found the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas. The Gospel of Thomas has been translated into English by several different scholars so a variety of texts are available.

The Gospel of Thomas consists of 114 sayings of Jesus. Saying no. 53 is of interest here.

His disciples said to him, "Is circumcision useful, or not?"

He said to them, "If it were useful, parents would have children who are born circumcised. But the true circumcision in spirit has become profitable in every way."[1]

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