Circumcision Hurts

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Circumcision Hurts is a Facebook page which provides information on routine (non-therapeutic) infant circumcision and why it hurts children.

This page was created to help educate people on the subject of male circumcision. Hopefully these resources will be shared with expecting parents so that they can be fully informed when encountered with decisions regarding circumcision. There is so much information available now that was kept from parents in the past, and unfortunately still being kept from them.

The publishers of this information page also recommend the websites of The WHOLE Network and Dr. Momma - peaceful parenting for further information before parents make the decision to circumcise their children.

Some of these links contain very graphic information not intended for young children. If people are disturbed by anything on this page then they will understand why it is so important for parents to be informed before making such a permanent and potentially regrettable decision.

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