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Daniel Marshall
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Circumcision Centre, Hamilton Ontario

Dr. Daniel Marshall is a paediatrician in Hamilton, Ontario, who ran a small practice called Circumcision Centre. Online reviews of the Circumcision Centre and Doctor Marshall show a history of botched circumcisions and unprofessional behavior. Marshall has been arrested three times on charges of sexual assault.

Online reviews

"This guy claimed to offer the 'Best value for circumcisions in Ontario' Wonder why?" wrote a user on a forum thread on mothering.com[1] This appears to be in reference with an ad in the Yellow Pages which has been since removed.

Several patients' reviews mention very disturbing trends: no staff, Dr. Marshall does everything from reception to procedures, only accepts cash, botched circumcisions, short tempered, pushes ADD/ADHD medication, dirty, unprofessional[2]


Daniel Marshall was first arrested in July 2010. After some more victims contacted Hamilton Police, Marshall was arrested again in January 2011. He was arrested for the third time in November of 2011.

On July of 2010 Marshall, was arrested and charged for sexual assault and sexual interference. The allegations stem from a complaint filed by an 11 year old patient.

Marshall was arrested for second time in January 2011 with 36 sexual charges, including sexual assault and sexual interference on an 11 years old boy.[3] At the time of his arrest in July 2010, Jill Hefley, spokesperson for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, said the college was conducting an investigation into the doctor, but she could not comment further. Doctor Marshall was arrested for the third time in November 2011. He was released on a $50,000 surety Friday. Marshall is allowed to continue to practise medicine, but cannot examine or be alone with youths.


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