Für genitale Selbstbestimmung

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This Facebook group with the full group name "Für genitale Selbstbestimmung (Keine Beschneidung Minderjähriger)" (For genital self-determination (No circumcision of minors)) was founded in Summer 2012 in response to the Cologne circumcision judgment on male circumcision.

After about three months, the group's founder left the group, without naming a successor as admin. Ulf Dunkel, who already had discussed and contributed intense and had asked the group founder multiple times to exclude certain people because of right-wing statements from the group, took over the administration of the Facebook group.

Ulf Dunkel led the group until Dec 18, 2012, when he temporarily ceased all intactivist activities because of the media shit storm on him because of his burst of rage about a circumcision documentary and his circumcision poem.

After the adoption of the German Circumcision Act on Dec 12, 2012, the group now first and foremost concentrates on pursueing and commenting the circumcision topic in the international media.

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