Feminizing genitoplasty video

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Ambiguity genitalia, Urogenital sinus mobilization + clitoroplasty

According to the description, this procedure is being performed on a 8 years female with Congenital adrenal hyperplasia and ambiguous genitalia.

Operation: total urogenital sinus mobilization and clitoroplasty.

The clitoroplasty procedure starts at 3:40 into the video. The procedure consists of:

  • Degloving the clitoris
  • Excising the erectile tissue (shaft) trying to respect the dorsal part, where the neurovascular peducule is.
  • Possibly "trimming" the outer edges of the glans clitoridis to make it an acceptable size
  • Afixing the glans clitoridis to the surrounding tissue
  • "Trimming" the now "excessive" prepuce or clitoral hood (which constitutes a circumcision)

At 8 years of age, the patient would still be sexually immature and would not have enough experience to understand the significance of her clitoris.

Minors with XY chromosomes and ambiguous genitalia have been subjected to this same procedure, thus reducing the penile tissue and sexually reassigning the individual. Typically in those cases, the removal of internal testes (castration) would be performed previous to the clitoroplasty.