Foreskin Restoration 101

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Book Data
Title Foreskin Restoration 101
SubtitleHow to Decircumcise For a Better Sex Life
AuthorDr. Chris West
Pages 32
Format12.7 x 0.2 x 20.3 cm
First Edition2014-06-10

Foreskin Restoration 101: How to Decircumcise For a Better Sex Life has been published by a Dr. Chris West on Amazon. It possibly doesn't offer new information which cannot be found on the web, as various customer reviews state.

Chapters (selection)

  • An introduction to foreskin restoration
  • Circumcision and the foreskin explained
  • Foreskin myths and misconceptions
  • A look into the different methods of restoration including modified taping, cross taping and manual tugging
  • ...

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