Galatians 5:2

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Galatians 5:2 is a Facebook intactivists page.


Leave Him as God in His Wisdom Designed Him.
God’s design of the male body is perfect; we need not fear it! Circumcision is unnecessary, painful, and alters God’s design!

90% of Christians worldwide do *not* circumcise. In the most Christian countries in the world (places like Mexico, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Italy), the practice is almost unknown.

The form of circumcision undergone by Christ was nothing like a modern day circumcision anyway. He would have looked more like an intact man than like someone who has had a typical American circumcision. The most common form of circumcision today was only introduced by rabbis (not Christians) over a century after the crucifixion to stop Jewish men from pretending to be gentile.
– Galatians 5:2

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