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HennaMond e.V. is a German institution and advice center based in Cologne, which has been campaigning for the rights of people who have been affected by violence in every form and execution, forced marriage, genital mutilation, MGM and honor killing through direct Environment are threatened and affected.

In 2020 members of HennaMond spoke in a joint video message on the WWDOGA:

Helena Schwamborn, adviser:

Since 2006, Hennamond has been campaigning for the rights of people who are threatened and affected by violence in all forms and forms, forced marriage, genital mutilation, MGM and honor killing through their immediate environment.

Alexandra Wagner, Project coordination "We For You":
We demand that children's intimate areas be protected because they are entitled to physical self-determination.

Sabrina André, adviser:
We demand comprehensive education and prevention work because everyone has the right to physical and sexual self-determination.

Felix Abels, trainer CHAMPS:
As part of the CHAMPS project, I call for information and open discourse on the subject of genital mutilation, because I just find it terrible how absurd and crazy it is that this form of oppression continues to exist and is a worldwide phenomenon. So please guys, start talking about it. Deal with it. Bring it out into the public eye, into politics. Something should be done and I appeal to you all for that. Education is extremely important about this. Many thanks.

Jaouad Hanin, group leader / trainer CHAMPS:
We demand that circumcisers be paid alternatively and that they are employed as advocates against genital mutilation.

Annika Blenk, project management CHAMPS:
We demand that operations on the genitals of intersexual children be refrained from without their consent, insofar as they are not medically necessary.

Sonja Bläser, executive director / management HennaMond e.V., coordination CHAMPS:
I am the executive director and head of the HennaMond association. We advise, look after, support and accompany those seeking help. It is just as important to us that we provide clarification and raise awareness.

I have often thought: What do I want to tell you? What is my message? What are my demands? You have certainly dealt a lot with genital mutilation or read something about it or watched a movie. Or you haven't noticed much because it isn't published enough in the press or isn't covered about it.

Women contact us who are affected by FGM, by forced marriage, forced engagement, violence. And furthermore, their families threaten them with murder. But what is my message? My message is that it is time for us to hold politics accountable. That we fight together against genital mutilation. We live in the 21st century and we haven't been able to stop genital mutilation from being allowed.

All over the world girls are being circumcised in a cruel way. We can't let that happen. We can not permit that. Please, let's start together and let's stop this cruel act. This is my message. Take part. This is the only way we can ensure that no girl in this world is mutilated, forever traumatized and her soul is ruined. We have to start, finally. Thank you.
– Members of HennaMond (WWDOGA 2020)[1]

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