Hermaphrodites with Attitude

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Hermaphrodites with Attitude

Hermaphrodites with Attitude is an association of intersexuals.

In late October of 1996, Hermaphrodites with Attitude took to the streets at AAP Demo, Boston, 26 October, 1996, in the first public demonstration by intersexuals in modern history.

[AAP officials did not reply to a letter from ISNA, delivered several days before the convention, inviting them to talk with ISNA members before, during or after the convention. During the demonstration, a PR man came out to distribute an American Academy of Pediatrics press release asserting that “from the viewpoint of emotional development” the age six weeks to fifteen months is the optimal time for genital surgery, and announced that while AAP officials would be happy to meet with members of the press privately, inside, they had no interest in meeting any Hermaphrodites with Attitude —Ed.]

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