Intime Verletzungen

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Book Data
Title Intime Verletzungen
SubtitleWeibliche und männliche Genitalbeschneidung
(K)ein unzulässiger Vergleich?!
AuthorMelanie Klinger
Pages 272
Format12 x 19 cm
First Edition25 November 2019
Publishertredition, Hamburg, Germany

Intime Verletzungen: Weibliche und männliche Genitalbeschneidung - (K)ein unzulässiger Vergleich?! [Intimate Injuries: Female and male genital circumcision - an/no invalid comparison?!] is a non-fiction book published by Melanie Klinger in 2019.

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Genital-altering interventions have been practiced for millennia. Worldwide, about 5% of female and about 37% of the total male population are affected by genital circumcision. While the female form is outlawed in the Western world as a serious bodily injury, the foreskin removal in boys and men is considered harmless, if not even medically useful. In "Intime Verletzungen" [Intimate Injuries] Melanie Klinger deals with the manifold aspects and background of genital-changing practices. The focus is on the question of whether and to what extent female and male circumcision are comparable and what similarities and differences exist. A bundled study from a medical, psychological, socio-cultural and political perspective.

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