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Sir James Calvert Spence

Professor Sir James Calvert Spence, M.C., M.D.[a 1], DSc[a 2], FRCP[a 3], (19 March 1892 in Amble, Northumberland, United Kingdom – 26 May 1954) was a prominent British paediatrician in the early twentieth century.

Spence was a founding member of the British Paediatric Association (later known as the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) in 1928.

He established his practice at Newcastle upon Tyne where he developed an interest in social paediatrics, which included interests in support for breastfeeding[1] and in providing adequate nutrition to children in poor families,[2] as the British nation entered World War II and shortages of food multiplied.

Douglas Gairdner joined him in 1945 as his first assistant and stayed until 1948 during which time Spence served as a mentor to the younger Gairdner. Spence urged Gairdner to write a review of infant circumcision, which was published in the British Medical Journal on Christmas Eve, 1949.[3]



His Majesty, King George VI, recognised his contributions with a knighthood in 1950.[4]

The British Paediatric Association created the James Spence Medal, which is awarded annually since 1960 for "outstanding contributions to the advancement or clarification of paediatric knowledge."[5]

The James Calvert Spence College in Amble, Northumberland, actually a co-educational secondary school, was named in his honour.


Spence had an extended illness which led to his death at age 62 on 26 May 1954.[6]

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