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Jungs e.V., the Duisburg Boys* Office has been offering gender-reflective pedagogy with boys* in Duisburg since around 2002. The association is a sponsor of free youth welfare and recognized as a non-profit organization.

Principles of boys* work
Working with boys* is primarily a question of gender-sensitive and intersectional awareness and not of a specific methodical approach. Boys* are seen individually in their diversity as boys* and not only in their identity as children or adolescents. In addition, other difference categories are taken into account in the work, such as the life-world experiences and the socio-economic socialization conditions of the clients*, since these open up or limit their individual scope for action.

The basis for this form of social work is a reflective attitude of the educator* about his own gender and other categories of difference as well as his social and political framework. Boys* need gender-conscious adults of all genders, including cross workers, for example, to accompany and support them in autonomous personal development. This requires a resource-oriented approach that values and promotes the individual talents of the boys*.
– Jungs e.V. (Website)[1]

Sven Leimkühler, member of Jungs e.V., spoke in video messages at the WWDOGA in 2020 and 2021.

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