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Dr. Kanwaljeet J. Singh Anand, MBBS[a 1], Ph.D.[a 2], graduated from M.G.M. Medical College, Indore (India) in 1981. As a Rhodes Scholar at University of Oxford, he received the D.Phil. degree in 1986, followed by post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Pediatrics residency training at Boston Children’s Hospital and a Critical Care Medicine fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.

Professor Kanwaljeet J. Singh Anand is the world's leading expert on pain in fetuses and newborn babies. His landmark 1987 article forever demolished the false notion that newborn babies cannot feel pain and revolutionized pain management in infants.[1]


Dr. Anand has authored over 300 scientific articles, edited 9 books/journal issues, and published numerous other monographs, white papers, and national guidelines.

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