London v. Glasser et al.

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London v. Glasser et al. is a lawsuit that was filed in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Marin, California in the 1980s by Trulie London on behalf of her minor son, Adam London, against defendants Mark Glasser, an individual, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, a corporation, and Permanente Medical Group regarding informed consent for the circumcision of infant Adam London. This lawsuit also is known as The Adam London Case and the The First Circumcision Case. The plaintiff was represented by attorney Richard W. Morris of San Diego, California.[1]

The question presented was:

Does a parent have the legal power to consent to a surgical procedure which has no medical purpose?

The trial court ruled against the plaintiff and an appeal was filed with the California Court of Appeals,[2] however, the appeal also was not successful.[1]

A petition for review was filed with the California Supreme Court, however it was denied.[1]

Although federal issues were involved that would justify an appeal to the United States Supreme Court, financial constraints prevented further appeal.[1]

Comment by Intactiwiki

Many observers believe this case was wrongly decided. It may be that this case from four decades ago was ahead of its time and would fare better if presented today.

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