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(The following text or part of it is quoted from the free Wikipedia:)

The Moderate Party (Swedish: Moderata samlingspartiet, M', literally "Moderate Coalition Party" or "Moderate Unity Party"; commonly referred to as Moderaterna: "Moderates") is a liberal-conservative political party in Sweden. The party generally supports tax cuts, the free market, civil liberties and economic liberalism. Internationally, it is a full member of the International Democrat Union and European People's Party.

Moderaterna got 20.1% of the mandates in the Riksdagen (parliament) election 2018. They are the second largest party 2018-2022.

Prohibition of genital mutilation on boys

In Autumn 2019, they had a General Meeting where the legal prohibition of genital mutilation on boys was discussed. A proposal to ban circumcision on boys other than for medical reasons, had been written by the members Anna af Sillén and Maria Gilstig.[1] Several party members voted for protecting boys from harm. However, the proposition was turned down. A majority of the party board (except Linda Frohm and Katarina Jonsson) asays no, and emphasizes that circumcision is a relatively common and accepted intervention in much of the world. It should have "links to traditions with deeply religious motives for the Jewish population, for example," and would not conflict with the Children's Convention, writes the party board.[2]

UlfKristersson MorningTV.jpg

Although the regional organisation of Sörmland (a landscape in Sweden), which is the home organisation of Ulf Kristersson, stands behind the proposal, Ulf Kristersson himself, the current party leader seems to not support the proposal. On a Swedish morning TV show in October 2019 prior to the party's General Meeting, he said:

  • "Nobody claims it is a serious "ingrip" against the boys who get circumcised."
(The Swedish word ingrepp is translated to "procedure" or "operation" but has much stronger connotations, like "attack" or "intervention".)
  • "I think one shall have a great respect for religious freedom"
  • "This is about jewish and muslim life"
  • "Those who argue from some kind of childrens' rights perspective are missing the point, I believe."
  • "I think it is very, very reasonable to have respect for this tradition"

2022 election results

The Moderate Party controlled 68 seats in the Riksdag after the 2022 election. It is now the third-largest party in Sweden just behind the Sweden Democrats with 19.5 percent of the seats in the Riksdag.[3]

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