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Dr. Roger Fabian, M.D.[a 1], is a male GP from the Philippines with over 37 years’ experience in medicine in Parramatta, NSW, Australia.[1]


Dr Fabian graduated from Manila Central University, Philippines with a Doctor of Medicine. He also completed a bachelor of science Major in Zoology from University of Santo, Philippines in 1980. Dr Fabian has been practicing medicine in Australia from 1993. He is a minor procedural GP and actively involved in his community.[1]

His native country, the Philippines, is known for periodical ritual mass circumcisions of boys. Chances are that Fabian has been conditioned that circumcision is healthy anyway and should be done mandatorily in childhood. The states that he focuses on circumcision.[2]

Dr. Fabian is very likely to be a childhood victim of the Philippine practice of Tuli.

Newborn to 6 weeks of age and 10 years and above under local anaesthesia.
– Circumcision Foundation of Australia (List of Possible Circumcisers (2020))[3]


Fabian is a member of the alleged medical organisation Circumcision Academy of Australia, driven by circumfetishist Brian J. Morris.

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