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Sexual dysfunction has been identified as a complication of circumcision by Iacob et al. (2021).[1] The authors have cited a case report from Serbia as their authority. In this case, a 55-year-old man received an adult circumcision to treat unspecified "difficulties" with sexual intercourse. The circumcision site became infected and the loss of all penile skin occurred with the result being a buried penis and inability to have sex. The condition was treated by a full-thickness skin graft which permitted resumption of sexual activity.[2]

All cases of complete penile amputation cause sexual dysfunction.


One should note that Moses Maimonides stated in the 12th century that the purpose of circumcision is to "weaken the organ in question",[3] so vast amounts of sexual difficulties flow from the practice of circumcision.

Sir Jonathan Hutchinson advocated circumcision in the United Kingdom to make masturbation impossible.[4] [5]

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