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Theodore J. Gaensbauer. M.D.[a 1], is a medical doctor and psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of psychic trauma in young children. He has published extensively.[1]

Dr. Gaensbauer practices in Denver, CO.


  • REFjournal Gaensbauer TJ. Trauma in the preverbal period. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child. 1995; 50(01): 122-49. PMID. DOI. Retrieved 23 June 2024.
    Quote: At every age, traumatic memories and their associated affects can become powerful organizing elements within the psyche, coloring every aspect of a person’s psychological functioning.
  • REFjournal Coates S, Gaensbauer TJ. Event trauma in early childhood: symptoms, assessment, intervention. Child Adolesc Psychiatr Clin N Am. July 2009; 18(3): 611-26. PMID. DOI. Retrieved 2 July 2024.
    Quote: Expanding research over the last two decades has documented that very young children's responses to an event trauma will involve the same three basic categories of posttraumatic symptomatology observed in older children and adults that is, reexperiencing, numbing/avoidance, and hyperarousal.

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