This Is What An Intactivist Looks Like

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This Is What An Intactivist Looks Like is a Facebook page, dedicated to informing about the diversity of intactivists as a group, against the spread of stereotypes.


Intactivists are as diverse a group of people as you can get. We vary from person to person in terms of our backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths, practices, parenting styles, beliefs, sexes, genders, orientations, families and friends. We eat differently from one another. We enjoy different styles of music. We spend our weekends doing a wide array of activities. We socialize differently from each other. We each speak in our own unique ways. We each have our own personal style of advocacy. Some of us have daughters or sons who were circumcised before we had accurate information or the support to listen to our natural, protective, mothering/fathering instincts. We are old, young, rich, poor, educated, and novice. We are anything but a stereotype. We cannot be boxed up.

The one thing that DOES join us together is this:

  • We believe in the basic human right to genital autonomy.
  • That no matter who you are, if you come into this world a living, breathing, human being, you have the right to decide what happens to your genitals, provided there is no medical need to otherwise cut, amputate, remove, slice, prick, maim, or alter your body organs, limbs or parts.
  • We believe that until you are old enough to make these decisions for yourself, no one should have the legal right to otherwise harm healthy, functioning organs on your body.
  • We advocate on behalf of those who cannot yet defend themselves. We believe that all forms of non-medical genital cutting on minors should be stopped.

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