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The Western Australia Medical Association (WAMA) is the medical trade association for medical doctors who practice medicine in the state of West Australia. The WAMA maintains an office at 14 Stirling Highway, Nedlands WA 6009.

Warning against infant circumcision

Dr Mark Duncan-Smith, the president of the association, issued a warning to parents on 10 December 2021 regarding non-therapeutic child circumcision. Dr. Duncan-Smith said parents should only "follow through with the procedure if there is a valid medical reason." According to Dr Duncan-Smith only about ten percent of boys in Western Australian are now being circumcised.[1] Dr Duncan-Smith failed to point out that there are no valid medical indications for non-therapeutic circumcision of infant boys.

The warning followed a disastrous day (Tuesday, 7 December 2021) in Perth, WA in which a two-year-old boy died after a non-therapeutic circumcision and his eight-month old brother almost bled out due to hemorrhage following non-therapeutic circumcision. The younger boy required emergency surgery at Perth Childrens Hospital to save his life.[2]

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