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What Intactivism is All About is a Facebook community of intactivists who engage others to stay friendly, polite and politically correct when argueing against circumcision of minors.


We are against the extreme measures you will often see within intactivism, the anti-circumcision movement, and used by those who claim to be intactivists.

We are against things you will often see being done and used by people who claim to be intactivists, anti-circumcision "activists." They will often self proclaim to be educators, human rights activists, and pretend to be something they are not, such as experts in the medical field. We ARE NOT pro-circumcision.

We are against:

  • Bullying
  • Harassing
  • Name calling
  • Insulting a person
  • Stalking
  • Misinformation
  • Shaming parents, doctors, companies that are not anti-circumcision enough.
We accept screengrabs, or screenshots, of things seen around the internet and social media forums of unacceptable and disturbing behavior of intactivists. Feel free to send them in via private message. We do not guarantee that we will post anything you send in and we will edit as necessary. Please keep in mind that if we are unsure if it is something we can post without going against FB TOS, then it will not get posted. Although we run this page, we enjoy not being taken down and our personal accounts not being put on a ban. There will be NO pictures of children or adult genitalia posted. If you post it, it will be removed. We will blur out the faces of any children. Things that clearly were made public may not be edited. We are not a pro-circumcision page or group. It is hard for some to understand that the people who run this page are not pro-circumcision.
– What Intactivism is All About

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