Whose Body, Whose Rights?

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Whose Body, Whose Rights? examines the Ethics and the Human Rights Issue of Infant Male Circumcision.

Dillonwood productions, 1995

Executive producer: Tim Hammond

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In a new era of children's rights, this independently produced two-part social issue documentary compassionately explores genital mutilation of non-consenting children, euphemistically termed "circumcision." It boldly and responsibly addresses these vital issues long overdue for inner reflection and cultural self-examination:

  • history and medical ethics
  • consequences of circumcision
  • evolving religious attitudes
  • legal and constitutional issues
  • foreskin functions
  • men's awareness and uncircumcision
  • medical conscientious objection
  • children's rights

Recipient of the Creative Excellence award at the 1996 U.S. International Film and Video Festival, Honorable Mention at the 1996 Philadelphia Film Festival, and Best of Festival at the First Annual Stark Video & Film Festival (1997).

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