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CIRCUMserum™ is a moisturizing therapy created to soften and condition the glans (head of the penis), to enable men to feel more intense sensation during sex. Essential oils and natural botanicals are the primary ingredients in CIRCUMserum. These are gentle, natural substances, including rose oil, sweet almond oil, cinnamon bark oil, and other premium-quality, pure-sourced extracts.

CIRCUMserum was developed by a leading pharmacologist in the field of male sexual function. Dr. James L. Yeager of Centric Research Institute formulated the first topically-applied Erectile Dysfunction treatment, in addition to a wide range of other popular and effective health and beauty products.

CIRCUMserum was launched on 2012.

According to CIRCUMserum's website:

The science behind CIRCUMserum
Doctors are learning that circumcision can reduce sensitivity of the glans in adulthood, affecting sexual pleasure and performance. Men who have been circumcised in adulthood report considerable loss of sensitivity and sexual pleasure.

Besides the removal of nerve-dense and reflexogenic tissue, callousing on the exposed glans is another factor in sensitivity reduction. The buildup of a keratin layer on the outer surface of the circumcised glans is a documented phenomenon, and reduces sensation of the underlying subcutaneous nerves.

  • The rise in erectile dysfunction in older men may be linked to loss of sensitivity in the exposed glans due to three factors:
1) removal of nerve-dense reflexogenic skin in infancy
2) callousing of the exposed glans due to rubbing on clothing and other materials
3) dryness of the exposed glans resulting from constant exposure to air and evaporation (The science behind CIRCUMserum)

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