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David Smith, 2013

Philip David Smith is a British intactivist who held a speech at the WWDOGA in Cologne, Germany, in 2014, 2018, and 2019, representing NORM-UK and Genital Autonomy, respectively.

WWDOGA contributions

Smith is a frequent guest at the WWDOGA in Cologne. He gave speeches at WWDOGA in 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2020.


In 2020 he spoke in a video message on WWDOGA, due to the Corona pandemic:

My name is David Smith, and I am the Chief Officer of a UK charity 15 Square.

I am pleased to be joining my colleagues throughout the world in the online Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy 2020.

15 Square was founded by Dr John Warren in 1995 as NORM-UK to help men who had been damaged either physically or psychologically through circumcision and to promote alternative treatments to circumcision. In 1995 circumcision was a subject that was not discussed and I am pleased that at least it is now a major topic of discussion even amongst religious communities many of whom are questioning the procedure.

During this pandemic, most hospitals in the UK have cancelled non-essential operations which means hopefully that those on the waiting list for circumcision will try alternative non-medical treatments and will be lucky to keep their foreskins. Although the circumcision rate has been dropping in the UK and most men are now left intact, there are still too many circumcisions to treat tight foreskins where alternative treatments are not offered. We offer advice on alternative treatments on our website 15square.org.uk and also support for circumcised men.

It is also a sad fact that many boys do not know the function of the foreskin, sometimes they are unaware that it is supposed to retract. This is because the foreskin is not talked about. Most parents do not discuss it with their sons and they are not taught about it in school. Although girls are taught about the function of their bodies, boys are not. We have been investigation this and it seems that this is because no resources are available for this purpose. For the past few months, we have been working to create a suitable package. In September of this year, schools in the UK will have to include sex and relationship in the curriculum and we hope that our resources will be included in this and we have had a number of promising discussions in this respect.

I said earlier that 25 years ago this subject was not discussed. Please join the discussion and help men keep their whole bodies.
David Smith (WWDOGA 2020)[1]





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