Jewish circumcision video

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Religious circumcision by a mohel using a mogen clamp. The circumcision occurs between 4:50 and 6:20. It shows the breaking of adhesions while the baby sucks on wine, followed by the installation of the mogen clamp and excision of the foreskin.

At 6:00 the mohel performs metzitza b'peh by splashing a liquid (presumably wine) on the genitals of the baby, sucking one time with his mouth and spitting it out on the glass.

The mohel then instructs people to sing stronger, so that the cries of the baby are muted. I'm particularly surprised by a sound (ululululululu) which I have also heard in videos of African ceremonies, and in a video of an Muslim girl mutilated by Egyptian barber (at 0:21). I wonder if this sound has accompanied the genital cutting rituals of tribal peoples for millennia and points to a common origin.