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Dr. John Warren founded NORM-UK in 1994, an advocacy organization in England that was recently renamed 15 Square.

Warren was inspired to study the subject of circumcision after circumcising an anesthetized child and examining the tissue. His initial readings included the "Further fate of the foreskin" by Jakob Øster. As Warren aged, he realized that he didn't have much sensation during sex, that the glans was not really that sensitive at all. He tried to find more information on medical literature, and found a review of Jim Bigelow's book, The joy of uncircumcising. After reading the book, Warren contacted Bigelow, and eventually traveled to California and met with him and other intactivists.

Warren then told Bigelow to refer any British to him. Some men started contacting him, and this eventually led to the first meeting and the creation of NORM-UK, an organization created not only to share information on foreskin restoration, but also to advocate against unnecessary circumcision of minors.

Dr John Warren was educated at Charterhouse School and studied medicine at Cambridge and the London Hospital Medical College. He was a consultant physician at the Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow, Essex from 1975 to 2005 and has now retired.

John is married to a doctor and has two daughters. His hobbies are music, cycling and observing wildlife.

I am a doctor and I was myself circumcised when I was a baby, and I never found out why. In 1967, as a house surgeon, I found myself in an operating theatre, performing a circumcision on a small, anaesthetised boy whose foreskin was too tight to retract. This was the first time I really had a close look at the foreskin, and discovered what I had lost. I was surprised how much skin there was, and started to wonder what it was there for.
– Dr. John Warren (NORM-UK)[1]

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