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[This information needs a citation or reference.]

Recap devices were offered by one Arthur Gibson from California. He offered 5 different devices:

  • The RECAP-EZ is the only restoration product which provides consistent bi-directional tension and helps restrain loose scrotal skin. Length and circumference measurements of the erect penis are necessary.
  • The RECAP-DTL (down the leg) is the most practical and effective RECAP product for daily use - easily concealed and comfortable. Measurement of the circumference of the leg ( just below the knee ) is necessary.
  • The RECAP-Softy is fitted with the same cap and ring attachment as the DTL, but is designed to be used with a suspender-type tension strap. The strap can be routed up, down, and around the torso in a variety of ways. The Softy can even be worn with shorts. No measurements necessary.
  • The RECAP-Combo is a combination of the DTL and the Softy. One cap and ring attachment, one DTL attachment, and one suspender-type tension strap are provided. The Combo provides versatility that you will appreciate. Measurement of the leg ( Just below the knee ) is necessary.
  • The RECAP inflatable. You have never seen anything like it, because there has never been anything like it. Basically, it is the RECAP-EZ that has been modified to permit inflation of a bladder inside the cavity created when tension is applied to the cap and ring attachment of the RECAP-EZ. The price is $150.00

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