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TLC Tugger

TLC Tugger offers a wide selection of products designed and manufactured by Ron Low, implementing different devices and methods of restoration. The device that popularized the brand is the TLC Tugger, a tugger made of two food-grade silicone cones. One is placed over the glans and the foreskin is moved over that cone and other cone is placed over the skin to secure it in place, the inner cone has a handle to which elastic straps or weights can be attached to provide tension.

Another variation, the TLC-X has a pusher inside the cones to provide dual tension and a rod for attaching weights or rubber bands for strapless tension. These devices are provided custom-sized for every user, based on supplied glans-width measurements in the flaccid and erect states.

Other variations allow the use of inflation. In some devices, two techniques can be used simultaneously.

TLC Tugger sponsors a foreskin restoration forum.

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