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Alan Cumming in September 2013

Alan Cumming (born 27 January 1965 in Aberfeldy (Perthshire), Scotland, UK), is a Scottish-American actor, singer, writer, producer, director, and activist who has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and plays.[1]

He is also a patron of NORM-UK, an English-registered charity concerned with foreskin health and matters related to circumcision; he has condemned the practice of routine infant circumcision, particularly in the United States where it is common.[2][3]


Alan Cumming on circumcision
From my point of view as a sexual and sensual person, the idea that you would hack away at that and lose sensitivity and nerve endings on the most pleasurable and sensitive part of your body is terrible. It all builds into my idea of America being shameful about sex and so puritanical.
Alan Cumming[4]

In a long 2020 interview at The Guardian, Cumming confirmed his opposition to circumcision:

I never thought about my foreskin until I came to America
As well as campaigning for LGBTQ+ equality and [[ ]] charities, Cumming is outspoken against male circumcision.

I never thought anything about my foreskin, he says, and then I came to America and I was having sex and people would just be gasping because they’d never seen a foreskin before. I was made to feel weird and freakish because I had an intact body.

It’s genital mutilation. And I think people say: Oh, that’s hysterical. But we do it to girls and it’s called genital mutilation. As for the religious grounds for circumcision, he believes these are “ridiculous”: We choose to keep doing some things and we just let the weirdest things go.
Alan Cumming (The Guardian)[5]

Various media echoed his important statement.[6][7][8][9]

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