Art. 129 StGB

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Art. 129 StGB (Swiss Criminal Code) reads (highlighting in the legal text by IntactiWiki):

Swiss Criminal Code
Second book: Special provisions, First title: Criminal acts against life and limb, 3. Bodily harm
Art. 129 - Endangerment of life[1]

Anyone who unscrupulously puts a person's life in immediate danger will be punished with imprisonment for up to five years or a fine.

Non-binding comment from IntactiWiki:

Anyone who has no scruples about exposing a child who is unable to give consent to genital mutilation without medical indication, which in principle also poses an immediate danger to life (through bleeding to death, ruptured lungs through extreme screams of pain or cardiac arrest through pain and stress), should also be prosecuted by this StGB articles can be prosecuted.

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