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Art. 124 StGB (Swiss Criminal Code)[1] reads (highlighting in the legal text by IntactiWiki):

Swiss Criminal Code
Second book: Special provisions, First title: Criminal acts against life and limb, 3. Bodily harm
Art. 124 - Mutilation of female genitals[2]

  1. Anyone who mutilates the genitals of a female person, significantly and permanently impairs their natural function or damages them in any other way, will be punished with imprisonment of up to ten years or a fine of not less than 180 daily rates.
  2. Also liable to prosecution is anyone who commits the act abroad, is in Switzerland and is not extradited. Article 7 paragraphs 4 and 5 apply.

Non-binding comment from IntactiWiki:

The offenses mentioned in this Penal Code article make FGM a criminal offense. As in Germany, this article does not differentiate between female children and adult women. MGM has not been explicitly criminalized in Switzerland either, only implicitly.

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