Celebrating Brit Shalom

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Book Data
Title Celebrating Brit Shalom
AuthorLisa Braver Moss & Rebecca Wald
Pages 98
Format6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
First EditionMay 15, 2015
PublisherNotim Press

Celebrating Brit Shalom is a book by novelist Lisa Braver Moss and Beyond the Bris founder Rebecca Wald, published on May 15, 2015[1]. It is the first-ever book for Jewish parents opting out of circumcision, a how-to, a prayerbook—and a keepsake, ready to be inscribed.

The book has been financed by crowdfunding.[2]


Celebrating Brit Shalom is a book on alternative bris for Jewish families opting out of circumcision and for the rabbis who serve them. Titled Celebrating Brit Shalom, the book includes a choice of three complete services, all of which feature the cutting of a pomegranate as a new ritual act that replaces circumcision. The book also includes the sheet music to four original songs which are thematically tied to the ceremonies (recorded album available separately).

Moss and Wald teamed up for Celebrating Brit Shalom after identifying a growing population of young families that are seeking information on alternative bris and, more specifically, finished ceremonies that can be either family-led or clergy-led. With parts for a leader, the parents, and traditionally bestowed honors such as “sandek,” Celebrating Brit Shalom is intended to be used as a prayer book and guide during the service. Guests can each have their own copy so they can follow along and participate in responsive readings. There is a place at the front of the book where parents can personalize guest copies with baby’s photo and details, making Celebrating Brit Shalom a memento that attendees can take home.

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