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Chris Eley from the UK was a former Circlist editor.[1] Therefore it can be assumed that he is a circumfetishist himself. It seems as if he has otherwise perfectly hidden his personal information from the web.


Eley co-authored at least one paper with circumfetishist Brian J. Morris which was published as a chapter of the following book:

In their 2010 brochure "Neonatal and child male circumcision: a global review", UNAIDS mentions Chris Eley among others in their acknowledgements "for their detailed comments on the manuscript". That brochure is based on the "research" and points of view of a bunch of biased circumcision promoters or circumfetishists, like Helen A. Weiss, Daniel T. Halperin, Inon Schenker, Catherine Hankins, and circumcision devices "inventor" David R. Tomlinson.[2]

In a blog comment of 2013, he asked:

Can NN and NN please explain why the medical benefits of male circumcision are routinely omitted from discussion of this topic in both the UK and continental Europe? This is not solely an issue about religion.

Given that some of the prophylactic benefits accrue only if the circumcision is done before puberty, why no discussion of the “best interests of the child” being served by circumcising them? Think “surgical vaccination”.

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Chris Eley[3]


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