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Vernon G. Quaintance
Jake H. Waskett
Brian J. Morris
Daniel T. Halperin
Edgar J. Schoen
Gilgal Society
Acorn Society
Cutting Club
National Organization of American Mohalim

Circlist is a website and discussion group for men who sexually fantasize about performing and receiving circumcisions,[1] often on small children.[2] A few well known Circlist members include Vernon G. Quaintance[3], Jake Waskett.[4][5] Professor Brian J. Morris, doctor Edgar J. Schoen, and researcher Daniel T. Halperin also associate with Circlist.[6][7]

Groups such as Circlist, the Gilgal Society, the Acorn Society, and the Cutting Club openly admit to a morbid fascination with circumcision to the point of sado-masochistic fetish. These groups advertise that doctors are among their members. There are those on the Internet who discuss the erotic stimulation they experience by watching other males being circumcised, swap fiction and about it, and trade in videotapes of actual circumcisions.[8]

Endorsing Circlist

Circlist Endorsers:

Circumfetish stories

Circlist Story: Circumcision Slut
My earliest recollections of bathing with my brother (perhaps when I was only 3-4 years old) revolve around my mother’s close examination and cleansing of my brother’s long foreskin. My mother was foreskin obsessed... obsessed with its looseness, cleanliness and general removal. She regularly talked to my brother about his foreskin and about how he needed to be circumcised. The problem seemed to be that my father didn’t allow her to have him circumcised at birth. But back then, all I knew was that a boy had a foreskin that could be "clipped back" and that most other boys seemed to have already been "done." It’s not that my mother paid less attention to me in cleansing my own small vagina, but there was never any talk about needing anything "fixed". During these early years, my brother had his foreskin regularly checked in front of me and other guests. [...] Additionally inspections his foreskin also followed our baths as we got older. This occurred routinely until my mother finally had Junior circumcised. [...] Later that week, mom told me that I was going along and that I would be able to watch my brother being circumcised, if I wanted to. [...] He didn’t like talking about his foreskin and circumcision... not the way I did. I had become obsessed. [...] He was circumcised as my mother and I watched [...] I remember my mother saying to make sure "it was good and tight". [...] During the first few months after Junior’s circumcision, I got to see his bared glans regularly. Mom was constantly checking it out. [...] She even commented that my interest in caring for his incision might be an indication that I might one-day become a doctor or nurse, myself. Little did she know that my interest was in my brother’s peter and how it looked after being circumcised. This was the beginning... it is how I became a circumcision slut! [...] I loved them tight with the scar back the shaft... and I even loved teasing the uncircumcised boy in our neighborhood and telling him how he was going to be circumcised (He sometimes cried, but always listened intently when I told him how the thing was put on my brothers dinky.) [...] I just couldn’t get enough of the cock I had seen before-circ, during-circ, and post-circ. [...] my mother was in the hallway watching the circumcision slut she had created blow the son that she had circumcised. [...] I still love sucking his cock and remember how he was circumcised while I watched. It wasn’t long after my mom caught me blowing Junior, that she would also begin to service his studly circumcised cock. I have three small children of my own. My first is a girl, and the second was a boy. He is 4 now and still is uncircumcised. I’m hoping to have one more son, and I think I will circumcise him with a Plastibell at birth. Eventually of course, his older brother will need to be circumcised, perhaps while my daughter watches... just like it occurred with me and Junior. I’m glad to have found your website and CIRCLIST so I can be with a group of people who have interests similar to my own. (Yahoo Circlist)[13]
Circlist Story: Circ-Nurse
I got onto the table which looked like a giant Circumstraint [...] one of the ladies announced that I was going to be shaved before I was circumcised. After being completed shaved (and handled) from navel to asshole [...] The two discussed my long foreskin and told me how I was going to be CIRCUMCISED. At that point, I couldn't have gotten it up even if I wanted to, but I began to suspect the ladies were getting turned on by not only handling my shaved penis, but thinking (and talking about) my pending circumcision. [...] They wanted to hold me down [...] the women were telling me how the doctor was doing a wonderful job, how my circumcision was going to be good and tight [...] Both were present on each of my two return visits and made sure they got to see my circumcised penis and to rub my bared glans and scar line. [...] Some weeks later I met up with one of the two women for some of the hottest sex either of us has ever had. She continued to talk about circumcision and tells me she told her friends how she helped circumcise me. There is not doubt in my mind that she is really turned on by circumcision. I suspect there are many other women like her as well. (Yahoo Circlist)[14]
Circlist Story: Wife Gives Husband Erotic Circ
...commenting on how beautiful young William was. [...] He was a handsome baby, but that took an experienced eye to appreciate. [...] Mary got up to change his diaper. [...] Beth had even admitted that her future husband was uncircumcised when they first met. She had shocked Mary by proudly announcing that she had circumcised him herself a month and a half before the wedding. [...] Well, Beth went on, I discussed the idea one night with Tom before we had sex. I had been stroking his penis gently for several minutes and he was horny as hell. We had discussed circumcision many times before, and Tom knew I was very much in favor of it. While Tom was not as pro-circumcision as I was, he was curious about it as well. He confessed that he had wondered all his life what it would be like to have a circumcised penis. He had masturbated as a child and young adult fantasizing about being circumcised against his will. Not really fighting it, just being told that it was going to happen, and not being able to stop it. [...] the role playing of him submitting to me and letting me circumcise him had become a major and enjoyable part of our sex play. [...] “Will you video tape the operation so I can see it sometime?” You bet! Tom and I had planned to do that anyway. Beth and Tom had made the Tara Clamp a regular part of their sex play. Beth would place the clamp over Tom’s glans, pull his thick foreskin up over the cone and partially close the clamp. Beth would put just enough pressure on the two locking arms that Tom could feel the clamp pinching his prepuce. [...] Beth had bought him a special pair of black silk under shorts for tonight’s ritual. [...] Tom knew perfectly well what was about to happen, and he had been semi erect all the drive home from work. [...] Beth was secretly ecstatic because she knew this was the last time she’d ever do this for Tom with his foreskin intact. [...] Beth enjoyed sex with Tom very much. Soon, she’d enjoy it infinitely more, she thought to herself. [...] Looking into Tom’s eye’s. she said, “Are you ready”? Tom simply nodded that he was. Beth moved the video camera, which was on a tripod, over to where it would be able to record everything she did. [...] Beth grabbed the tip of Tom’s foreskin in each hand and pulled the foreskin forward as far up over the clamp as possible. [...] Beth examined how much skin would be removed after clamping. She wanted Tom cut fairly tight, with little or no foreskin bunching up behind his glans when he was flaccid. [...] Beth managed to get what she felt was the correct amount of foreskin in front of the clamping jaws. [...] Beth was startled to hear the clamp “click” shut. [...] Exciting, it was for her to be the instrument of ridding her future husband of his foreskin. Beth left the clamp in place for fifteen minutes before reaching for the disposable knife. [...] He said to Beth, “Go ahead baby. Circumcise me!” With that Beth pushed down with the knife and felt it cut into the thick layer of skin. [...] Beth continued cutting around the clamp. [...] she described to Tom the feelings she was having exploring his new circumcised organ. [...] All this activity had made Beth extremely horny! (Yahoo Circlist)[15]

Member discussions

Happy Circlist Member
Hi! I’ve just spent the last week going over your website in detail. I must say how wonderful it is... full of important content and sexually arousing at the same time. (Yahoo Circlist)[16]
FROM: Rodjarrell@a
TO: Jake H. Waskett (at Circlist Yahoo Group)

I was cut at birth but I have lots of excess skin. Actually, when I'm seated, the skin fully covers my penis head. I'd like to get cut again, but I'd like to make it an erotic experience with either a female doctor or at least I'd like to have one or two female nurses do the prep. Any suggestions? (Yahoo Circlist)[17]
How many circumcisions has a Circlist member had?
0 circumcisions ... 13, or 14.13 % of total responses

1 circumcisions ... 43, or 46.74 % of total responses

2 circumcisions ... 27, or 29.35 % of total responses

3 circumcisions ... 5, or 5.43 % of total responses

4 circumcisions ... 2, or 2.17 % of total responses

5 circumcisions ... 0

6 circumcisions ... 2, or 2.17 % of total responses

7 circumcisions ... 0 (Yahoo Circlist)[18]
Promoting "The Rough-Head Club"
The rough-head club is for circumcised men, and for uncircumcised men who permanently leave their foreskins in the retracted position to experience the rough-head feeling. Though we shouldn't have to do this because EVERY man should be circumcised at birth to experience the proven sexual and medical benefits. So uncut men, strip 'em back and get that famous head-rub. (Yahoo Circlist)[19]
Erotic Circumcision
First learned of circ at 6. Best friend had to have it done for phimosis. He showed it with pride. Even at that age I found it erotic! From then I wanted to have a penis that looked like that, but it was many, many years before I plucked up the courage to have my desire fulfilled. (Yahoo Circlist)[20]

Circumfetish conversation

FROM: CircumcisR@hotmail...
TO: Jake H. Waskett (at Circlist Yahoo Group)

Some of us who do get erotic and sexual gratification out of not only the finished product, but also the procedure itself. The act of becoming a man is just as important as the bare head he shows. (Yahoo Circlist)[21]
FROM: stevemonaco@hotmail...
TO: Jake H. Waskett (at Circlist Yahoo Group)

I'm with Circumcisr on this one. Having a clipt disk is important, but how you got it is also of interest. (Yahoo Circlist)[22]
FROM: Vintrest@yahoo... (John S.)
TO: Jake H. Waskett (at Circlist Yahoo Group)

As for the fact that some people find the rite of circumcision erotic, some do. The fact that it involves a surgical procedure on the penis, which permanently alters its appearance (,) has feeling(s) (which) understandably may cause erotic feelings in some men. (Yahoo Circlist)[23]

Circlist shut down

FROM: rgm2004uk
TO: Circlist

Hi David, Vernon and fellow CIRCLISTers!

Congratulations on getting the group re-established with what I hope will be a much more open-minded host - though like the rest, I'm at a loss to imagine what they thought we were doing wrong! :-(


Doctors among their members

FROM: David Cornell, M.D.
TO: Circlist

Hi David and Vernon:

Good luck with establishing the new group. I would say you have your work cut out for you.

– David Cornell, M.D., F.A.C.S.[25]

Ben Winkie

Circlist has always permitted, and will continue to permit, circumcision related fetish/sexual postings/materials, straight, gay or otherwise. Individuals may use Circlist to make contact with one another, including for sexual purposes. The list is not just a medical interest list, but rather all things circumcision, including circ-fetish, sexual info, medical info and a place to meet up with fellow circumcision enthusiasts and proponents.
– Ben Winkie[1]

More leaked posts


On the links page, a list of newsgroups is listed as follows:[26]

  • alt.male.hygiene
  • alt.circumcision


What happened to the Circlist Wikipedia article:

Wikipedia Circlist.PNG [27]

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