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Note: Please see Vernon G. Quaintance for the latest information regarding the creator of the Gilgal Society. Quaintance was recently arrested for child pornography, was exposed as a child molester, and more.
Gilgal Society
Logo is a smoke trail from burning foreskins (biblical).
Vernon Quaintance
Members & Associates:
Bertran Auvert
Robert C. Bailey
Daniel Halperin
Brian J. Morris
Edgar J. Schoen
Howard J. Stang
Jake H. Waskett
Thomas E. Wiswell
Related Organizations:
Cutting Club
Vernon Quaintance (1997),[1] head of the Gilgal Society. is registered to Vernon Quaintance.[2]

The Gilgal Society is a UK-based not-for-profit organization administered by (Circlist moderator) Vernon Quaintance.[3] Gilgal is Hebrew for "hill of foreskins." [4]

Groups such as the Gilgal Society, the Acorn Society, and the Cutting Club openly admit to a morbid fascination with circumcision to the point of sado-masochistic fetish. These groups advertise that doctors are among their members. There are those on the Internet who discuss the erotic stimulation they experience by watching other males being circumcised, swap fiction and about it, and trade in videotapes of actual circumcisions.[5]

Some members and associates of Gilgal include[6]

Many of these people are the authors of the most recent pro-circumcision papers published in various medical journals (these works are used to push for circumcision in the media and through government organizations). Click their names for more information.

A quick search for these names in PubMed reveals that these are the most common "researchers" and editors of the latest circumcision to prevent HIV research, which has been funded by the American government, and the World Bank.

Gilgal Porn


The Gilgal Society published a book containing stories eroticizing the circumcision of minors.

Published by The Gilgal Society
He had not reached puberty but soon would: a few hairs were starting to grow at the base of his penis. Neil was then asked to lie on the couch for the penis to be photographed. ...the doctor tested the fit of two sizes of Gomco Clamp bell. During this procedure Neil erected, but was not embarrassed by it and made no attempt to hide it.

Mark came in next and again dropped his trousers readily. He had reached puberty and was quite well developed. ... Its like an elephant's trunk was the doctors comment, to which Mark heartily agreed. ... Photographs of his penis were taken...

He had realised after sex education lessons at school that he had a problem.

...the boys were given plenty of wine to relax them. ...the discussion was about the sex lives of the boys and their school friends. The doctor asked how often the boys wanked. ... The doctor showed the boys his microscope and asked if they had ever seen sperm under one. ... He suggested to Mark that if he wanted to, he could have a quiet wank whilst Neil was being circumcised... This was eagerly accepted. ... He lay back with his eyes closed and just let the doctor get on.

He returned to the surgery and put on his underpants (tight jockey briefs). His penis was guided up against his abdomen... Photographs had been taken...

We all returned to the lounge where Mark was watching TV, having had his quiet wank. ...the doctor put some of Mark's semen on a slide and put it under the microscope on high power. Each of us looked at the live sperm swimming vigorously around in the semen.

...there is hope that the circumcision will give him the confidence to overcome his enuresis [bed wetting].

The boys also looked at the book and noted a number of horrors which they would be spared now that they were circumcised.

On this occasion there were three boys to be circumcised, two of them brothers aged 8 and 10. The doctor had planned to take the younger one first... ...did not need circumcision, but it was being done for uniformity with his brother

He went down fighting and, because he had just been screaming, appeared to stop breathing. This worried his father, but the doctor said it was quite normal...

Ian's foreskin was long... needed to come off.

After lunch we had a five-year-old to do. ... Robert has shown his off to his school-friends. I hope some of them ask their parents if they can have their penis circumcised too.

-- Acknowledgements to VQ Vernon Quaintance (Gilgal Society)[7][8][9]

Gilgal Circumcision Porn Book is also registered to Vernon Quaintance on behalf of The Gilgal Society. According to the main page "The International Circumcision Information Reference Centre is sponsored by The Gilgal Society"[10]


Gilgal offers a circumcision VHS tape that you can order from their website. It is "unlabelled to allow your own discretion on labeling".[11]

Circumcision Helpdesk - Gilgal Society Rebranded

As of July 14th of 2014, date of the beginning of Vernon Quaintance's trial on charges of child sex abuse, the Gilgal Society's website has gone blank. However, upon verifying the Circumcision Information Resource Centre (another website by Vernon Quaintance which was "sponsored by the Gilgal Society"), we found that it is now sponsored by "The Circumcision Helpdesk."

The Circumcision Helpdesk website is also owned by Vernon Quaintance since 2003, and now contains the information previously presented by the Gilgal Society.

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