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CircWatch was an intactivists blog which had been created to replace the CircLeaks wiki website, taking an editorial role to also replace the CircLeaks blog. All content from the CircLeaks blog has already been transferred to CircWatch.

Mission statement

The creators of this page hold genital integrity and self-autonomy to be inalienable human rights. Unless there is clinical or medical necessity, no scientist, researcher, doctor, mohel, or other person has the right to forcefully mutilate the genitals of healthy, non-consenting individual, much less offer the parents of said individual any kind of “choice.” Unless there is clinical or medical indication, taking a healthy, non-consenting individual, strapping him/her down and forcefully cutting off his/her genitals in whole or in part, is by definition forced genital mutilation, abuse, and a violation of basic human rights, even when performed as a coming-of-age ritual part of a religious and/or cultural creed.
– CircWatch

Note: Please keep in mind that the mentioned IntactWiki contents have been transferred to this IntactiWiki completely.

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