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Note: Please do not confuse this with the IntactiWiki you are currently reading.

IntactWiki was another Intactivism wiki website. It merged the former, no longer existing websites and

Note: The IntactWiki website has not been accessible since June 2023 at the latest. The content has been completely taken over from IntactiWiki and further maintained.


Blog: CircLeaksCircWatch
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The intention of the IntactWiki publishers was to become a one-stop database for intactivist knowledge, as they state on their Facebook page. Somewhen in the past the IntactWiki publishers lost their energy for maintaining and creating new articles.

The IntactWiki logo idea was supposed to symbolize male and female genitals. Colors were flipped to unify the cause of FGM and MGM. Also the red dot symbolizes the denuded glans. And “i” also means “information”.

IntactWiki merged into IntactiWiki

Following an agreement between the owners of IntactWiki and IntactiWiki in August 2019, the editors of IntactiWiki have adopted all 670 articles from IntactWiki. IntactiWiki conserves and maintains the information of IntactWiki when it is going to be offline somewhen in the future.

See the migration process from IntactWiki to IntactiWiki on the IntactWiki Discussion page.

IntactWiki seemed to focus more on people who fund, promote, and/or profit from circumcision research and practices, while IntactiWiki focusses more on the international Intactivists movement. So by now, the new IntactiWiki maintains articles from Intactipedia, CircLeaks, CircWatch, IntactWiki, and its own articles.

Articles have moved to the new IntactiWiki

Since 23 February 2022, all articles and categories on the IntactWiki show an information box entitled "Article has moved to the new IntactiWiki" which offers a direct link to the relevant article or category on the IntactiWiki.

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